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I ordered mats based on their description which says they would provide carpet grommets if the one in your car was broken or non existent. That’s the only reason I ordered them.

Well first they didn’t provide them in the box and when I called the “customer service “ person kept arguing with me and telling me I’m reading the as wrong which I wasn’t. He was quite volatile and quite rude. He did not even offer sending me return label immediately via email. He tried to dissuade me by saying that I’ll need to

Wait for it in the mail which could

Take up to 8


I then asked for a manager and he kept me on hold for ten minutes until I hung up and redailed I got a very nice rep

And told her what happened. So she emailed me the label and told

Me I wouldn’t have to pay anything nor any restocking fee. So I finally got my

Refund minus the shipping to me.

I emailed her and she simply said that according to their site they do not refund shipping even if it

Was their fault ?? Their mats also

Were cheaply made and looked awful.

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