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Having done some homework on the Weathertech floor liners, I thought I was making the best choice for our 2015 Toyota Sienna van. I have had them in the vehicle for a year so this is a fair assessment thus far.

When I took them out of the boxes, I immediately realized how little they weighed. I was expected a heavier composition, such as the Monster Mats I have in my VW. These were not even close. On the positive side, the front liners fit nicely and are anchored by floor mounts.

The two row liners fit okay, but moved around easily given the lack of grip and weight. One obvious visual issue is that the ends and sides of the liners "fold up" from any seat movement, forward or back. The shape does not return to it's original shape which is less than ideal.

They are easy to wipe down with a damp towel and do look nice when they are clean. I would give them a 7/10 rating and would not likely purchase them for another vehicle given the "too light" construction and issues stated above.

Product or Service Mentioned: Weathertech Auto Floor Mat.

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Did anyone have an experience with weather tec seat liners???


I bought them and over time have become disappointed in them. The drivers side mat moved, which surprised me because they were supposed to be laser measured. In the heat mine bent back and did not return , also thought they would be a heavier plastic.

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