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I ordered two things from here for Mothers Day. Took about 4 days for my order to even process and get a shipping number and then they sent the items to me separately two days apart.

Fine, no big deal. The problem is how they arrived. Giant white box, slapped with not only the company logo, but EXACTLY whats inside!!! I didn't get home from work until AFTER the person I ordered them for.

Which means when they got home and took my packages in the house, the surprise was ruined. She already knew exactly what she got before I could even surprise her. Does this company seriously think people don't buy this stuff as gifts??? Way to ruin my Mothers Day surprise not only once, but TWICE since they shipped it separately.

How about shipping in discrete brown boxes like every other company does?? As much money as this stuff costs, you would think they would make the overall experience a little better. Everything was fine until my surprise was ruined. No option for discrete shipping when checking out either but they damn well make sure to slap you with shipping charges.

$30 shipping for 2 items they weigh less then a pair of sneakers. Wont be buying from them anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Weathertech Shipping Service.

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