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Less than one year old, curl up on driver's side of floor mats for my girlfriend's 2012 Volvo. I personally do not trust this company. I contacted company who advised remove mat and place weight on edge with curl in it.

Fortunately, this minor deformity can be easily rectified by manipulating the material back into shape by following the instructions listed below:

Please remove the FloorLiners from the vehicle and relocate them to a flat surface at or above room temperature.

Manually manipulate the walls of the FloorLiner by pushing downward and outward.

If necessary, place a weighted object on top of the problem area(s) to help expedite the process.

If deformation still exists after attempting the previous steps, please lay the FloorLiner upside down and repeat steps 2 & 3.

***For best results, leave weighted object in place for a few hours OR overnight, if possible.*** I have included Weather Tech response from


I would never purchase from Weather Tech again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Weathertech Auto Floor Mat.

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DIY Customer service. How crazy is that for a response?!

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