Des Plaines, Illinois

So I received 2 gift cards for weathertech..... Can't use 2 gift cards online for one I call...the 1st try, I was 42nd in ***...WHAT!?!?. So I hang up and decide to try when I have more time. Jan6, 2nd call....I

Was 31st in ***, I decide to put the phone on speaker and waited almost 30 minutes before someone answered.....I placed my order for floor liners, was given an order number and told I would likely see them before the 7-10 day promise.......Jan 18, still no floor I went online to track my order. The order number I was given is not valid....WHAT!?!?. So I call customer service at least I was only 10th in *** this time....10 minutes later (that was fast compared to previous phone call) I was told by the rep that my floor liners had not even been made yet.....WHAT!?!?... And because I used a gift card that those orders take longer because they have to wait for processing of the gift card through the gift card company ...WHAT!?!? ....I was told my order would be marked urgent and I 'should' have a tracking number by tomorrow.

I was never notified of a back up in orders due to the "busiest time of year". I was never told that gift cards could delay processing. The fact that you can't use more than one gift card on an online order....find a better web designer. It's been a series of headaches and I still do not have my floor liners, so I can't even review the product. The rep was nice not her fault that the company itself has poor processes.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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