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I purchased several weather tech products for my new GMC. Floor mats, rubber cup thingies, and seat protectors.

I love the floor mats and cargo mat. The cup things are just ok. I do not like the seat protectors at all because they don't fit well. Contacted customer service for return.

Their representative wasn't really rude but certainly not friendly.

I had to pay return postage, create my own return label and wait 2 months for the credit. My recommendation is to never buy any weather tech product that the buyer is not 100% sure that they will be happy with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Weathertech Seat Protector.

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Yep... They don't let you post reviews, and they don't know how to hire people who care.


I just experienced the same unfriendly attitude which has happened three times recently. Each time the rep puts me on hold to “read the notes” they come back even more unfriendly and actually tell you that you’ve had issues with other rep.

Nasty bastards! They need to learn how customers come first.

@Dave Laguer

Yep, they su#@. In addition I couldn't find a way to post a honest review on their site. All they want are positive "testimonials".

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